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Parachute Coconut Oil

One of our oldest brands and a market leader in its category, today Parachute Coconut Oil stands for purity and quality.

Parachute Advansed

A range of products in hair care and skin care categories that stand for care, nurturance and beauty.

Parachute Secrets

An innovative range of hair oils that blends the best of coconut with natural ingredients for effective hair care solutions.

Saffola Oils

Saffola cooking oils use scientific technology such as Multiseed, Nutri Lock and Antioxidant to keep your heart healthy.

Hair & Care

Launched in 1991, this range of hair styling oils provides hair nourishment with the added benefit of non-stickiness.

Nihar Naturals

Nihar Naturals portfolio offers quality solutions for hair care needs of the progressive woman.

Livon Silky Potion

A hair serum with a unique CutiSoft™ Formula that protects the hair with a layer of moisture making it soft and silky.

Set Wet

Set Wet offers a stylish range of male grooming products spanning across deodorants, hair waxes and hair gels.


Meant for the young and the confident, Zatak Deodorants come in four variants – Gambler, Striker, Avenger and Challenger.

Hair Code

A hair care and beauty brand that started off in the 1990s in Egypt and now operates across countries and product segments.

Code 10

A Malaysian brand with a portfolio that grew from basic men's hair styling products to male grooming products since 2010.


X-Men leads the male grooming category in Vietnam offering products in hair care, body wash, deodorants and hair styling.

Thuan Phat

A range of sauces and condiments in Vietnam that spans from satay to seasoning sauce to chilli.


A premium beauty brand in Vietnam known for its pioneering technology and natural extracts that enhance beauty.


A styling brand in the men's hair care products category in Egypt spanning hair gels, hair creams and hair cream-gels.

Caivil Teen Star

A range of hair care products for the young that meets their style needs while keeping the hair healthy.

Just For Baby

A product range for kids made with the gentlest ingredients like Rooibos, which soothes and protects the baby's skin.
Parachute Advansed

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At Marico, we have no employees;
only a group of members' determined to prosper and grow with the company.
Our members are empowered with
freedom to achieve their aspirations
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"A company which helps to grow & Learn a lot"
- Sandhya Marketing Manager
"A company which helps to grow & Learn a lot"
- Sandhya Marketing Manager
"A company which helps to grow & Learn a lot"
- Sandhya Marketing Manager

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Marico's total income rose by 8.8 percent year-on-year to Rs 1,382 crore in June quarter from Rs 1,270.3 crore a year ago.

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Marico Ltd. (BSE: 531642, NSE: "MARICO") recorded a turnover of Rs. 46 billion during the year 2012-13 through sales across 25 countries.

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Marico touches the lives of one in three Indians, making it India's leading consumer brand in the global beauty and wellness space.

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Marico was rated one of India's "Most Innovative Companies" by Business Today - Monitor Group Innovation Study
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